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  • thin wall food container mould

    As a professional China mould manufacturer, Guoguang Mould provides both thin wall food container and thin wall food container mould. From 20ml to 2500ml thin wall food container mould, Guoguang Mould can meet your high-profit production requirements.

    In order to manufacture thin wall food container moulds, Guoguang designed a multi-cavity thin wall food container mould in a separate cavity insert locking system, which not only saves tooling time but also avoids the risk of tooling errors during high-precision tooling.

    When selecting a high-speed milling machine, the valve gate system can ensure the rapid flow of raw materials in the cavity, and the effective cooling system can control the mould temperature and realize the high-speed movement of each step. Guoguang also provides IML moulding system for thin wall food container mould.

    The thin wall food container mould produced by Guoguang is made of high-quality plastic materials, and all thin wall food container mould has no peculiar smell and good quality. We provide any customized services on thin wall food container mould, including a series of solutions for injection molding machines, raw material formulations, moulds, etc.

    Material: Plastic, PP, PE, LDPE, PS

    Feature: Disposable, Sustainable, Stocked

    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

    Color: White, Black, Transparent,Custom color

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