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  • plastic fresh fruit box mould maker

    plastic fresh fruit box mould maker

    Guoguang Mould is a professional plastic fresh fruit box mould maker. We provide design, manufacturing, sales service of plastic fresh fruit box mould. The fresh box mould produced by Guoguang sells well overseas and has won unanimous praise in Europe, America and other countries.

    Guoguang plastic crisper is made of food-grade PP material. Different from general thin-walled plastic container moulds, Guoguang adopts hot runner technology to make the cups more beautiful in appearance, avoid waste of raw materials, and shorten the injection moulding time.

    The fresh-keeping box products produced by Guoguang fresh-keeping box mould have the following advantages:

    • 1. The high-quality fresh-keeping box produced by Guoguang has a moisture permeability 200 times lower than that of similar products, which can keep things fresh for a longer time. ,
    • 2. Save space: Guoguang can design a set of fresh-keeping box moulds for customers according to their specific needs. ,
    • 3. Microwave heating: Guoguang uses food-grade PP material as the raw material of the crisper, which can directly heat food in the microwave oven, which is more convenient.

    Guoguang mould are not only made of fresh-keeping box moulds, but also thin-walled moulds. We treat each customer's inquiry with the most serious attitude, welcome to call for cooperation.

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