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  • disposable thin wall cup mould

    disposable thin wall cup mould

    The disposable thin wall cup is widely used in daily life. For example, coffee cup, fruit cups, butter cup, etc., but these are a kind of thin wall cups. Guoguang specializes in producing all kinds of disposable thin wall cup moulds, according to customer needs, we will provide the most suitable disposable thin wall cup mould. For this mould, we focus on how to save customers' costs and customers' feelings. We use multi-cavity mould technology to form multiple thin wall products at once. We mould thinner but more durable products as much as possible to save raw material costs.

  • Mould Material: P20 718, H13, 2344, S136, etc.
  • Mould tooling equipment: Milling, Grinder, drill, CNC, EDM, wire cut machine
  • runner type: Guoguang Point hot runner
  • Gate: point gate, valve gate, side gate, sub gate
  • Cavity: single or multi - cavities
  • Product material: PP, PE, LDPE, PS
  • Mould life:

    • 2344 3,000,000 shots
    • 45# 300,000 to 500,000 shots
    • P20 600,000 shots
    • 718 800,000 shots
  • Lead time: 45days
  • Package: wooden box or as customer’s requirements
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