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  • Full service

    We are always convinced that what shows the high end in the details is the demand for the ultimate quality service of the mould,Technology shows strength and quality wins trust.

    Mould Design

    Zhejiang Taizhou Guoguang Mould Plastic Co.,Ltd. unique standardized design process and design standards provide faster speed and higher quality for mould design

    Mould Machining

    Finishing raw materials through machine tools. We have experienced engineers responsible for material selection and analysis.

    Mould Clamping

    And understand the relationship and function of each part, its characteristics and technical requirements, coordination requirements and connection methods.

    Product injection

    We have detailed process descriptions on materials, machines, mould preparation, etc. Sampling inspection of mold installation, mold opening and closing, and parameter setting adjustment was carried out.

    After-sales service

    We provide a full range of after-sell service to further guarantee customer’s convenience

    Technical Services

    Professional technicians provide maintenance services

    Q & A

    Solve all your doubts and ensure understanding of the product

    24 hours customer service

    24-hour customer service to resolve your emergency

    Standard packaging

    Standard packaging to ensure that the product is free from bumps and damage