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    thin wall food container mould manufacturer


    Thin wall food container moulds can produce food container products that are widely used all over the world.

    Guoguang Mould is a professional plastic injection thin wall food container mould manufacture, especially in the field of high speed plastic injection thin wall food box mould. As the best food container mould manufacture in china, OEM can be provided according to customers' drawings and samples. Guoguang have advanced CAD/CAM/CAE/systems that can be used for the design of injection moulds and plastic parts. The production of high-quality, high-precision plastic parts is very high. Competitive prices and efficient services are also the best mould factories that can cooperate with 100%. Excellent surface treatment, best plastic is used in the injection moulding process.


      This is a simple parameter for the four-cavity thin wall food container mould:

    • Number of mould cavities: 4 cavities
    • mould injection: hot runner
    • Material: Transparent PP
    • Wall thickness: 0.6mm
    • Core/cavity steel: S136 with HRC43-45