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    professional disposable lunch box mould maker


    Disposable tableware mould maker Guoguang Mould provides you with high quality and high output disposable plastic injection coffee cup mould, disposable lunch box mould, disposable sauce cup mould, disposable hinged lid cup mould, disposable plastic injection tea cup mould.

    Plastic lunch box is welcomed by the catering industry because of its advantages of recyclability, environmental protection, low cost and high service life. The disposable lunch box mould is machined with high precision, and the core part of the mould is made of S420 steel material. This material has a good polishing effect and can make the product more transparent. At the same time, it is a stainless steel material, which can guarantee the life of the mould for longer. In addition, some products use beryllium bronze as the core part of the mould, which can effectively ensure that the disposable lunch boxes are smoother during injection and filling, with better cooling effect and higher product quality.

    If your disposable lunch box has a high output, we recommend that you use a high-speed injection moulding machine. The production needs to be equipped with the following auxiliary equipment, such as automatic feeder, chiller, air compressor, detailed injection moulding machine and auxiliary equipment. Guoguang Mould will provide you with perfect disposable mould. We are a professional manufacturer of disposable tableware moulds.