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    disposable lunch box mould maker


    How can we increase the production efficiency of disposable lunch boxes and meet the high-quality requirements? One of the important factors is to make good disposable lunch box moulds. Guoguang Mould is a professional lunch box mould maker in China, has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of disposable lunch box mould, which can help lunch box makers to produce efficiently and increase returns.

    Disposable lunch boxes require extremely high injection speed during the injection moulding process to ensure that the cavity can be filled quickly in the shortest time. Otherwise, when the plastic flows in the cavity, it may solidify in advance, and the cavity cannot be filled. In order to ensure the high-speed injection of the mould, Guoguang Mould uses S136 steel material to make the core cavity of the mould, and the hardness reaches HRC42-45 after quenching.

    At the same time, the exhaust and cooling system of the disposable meal box mould has also been rationally optimized to effectively solve the problems of flash, lack of material, and scorching caused by the unreasonable design of some mould manufacturers on the market. The shortest cycle time of a 500ml disposable lunch box mould made by our company has reached 4S, and we have the fastest delivery speed to help you start the production of lunch box projects in the shortest time.

    If you want a disposable lunch box mould, you can contact us, our sales engineers will recommend the most reasonable mould and injection moulding machine according to your disposable lunch box project.

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