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    Key points of fast food box mould manufacturing


    In recent years, the takeaway market has developed rapidly, the demand for fast food boxes used for takeaways has grown rapidly, and the thin walled mould market such as fast food box moulds has emerged. Today we will introduce the main points of manufacturing the conventional one-out two and one-out four fast food box mould:

    First, you need to choose the appropriate size and shape of the fast-food box: the shapes on the market currently include round and rectangular shapes. The conventional capacity is 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml. The round shape is slightly lighter than the square shape.

    The second point is the selection of mould materials: because the wall thickness of thin-walled moulds such as fast food box moulds is only 0.4-0.8mm, the injection moulding machine uses high-speed injection moulding machines, and the injection moulding machine speed reaches 350-450mm/s, and the mould needs to withstand high Pressure, so thin-walled fast food box moulds require high-hardness steel, such as S136 in Sweden and H13 quenched steel in Taiwan. After quenching, their hardness can reach HRC42-45 degrees. Prevent the mould from deforming under long-term high-speed and high-pressure, causing product flash and increasing costs.

    The third point, mould design: thin-wall mould design needs to consider the following points: parting surface of fast food box, product wall thickness design, mould exhaust design, mould waterway design, mould blowing position and direction design, These problems directly determine the success or failure of a thin-walled fast food box mould.

    The fourth point is that the mould needs to be fully automated: thin-walled fast food boxes are an industry with small profits but quick turnover. Equipped with a robot can make the production run faster. The robot can help you stack them directly, and they can be packaged and shipped directly after the belt is conveyed.

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