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    Features of thin wall injection mould


    With the development trend of "light, thin, short, and small" injection products, a new injection moulding technology of thin wall injection has been produced. At present, there is no unified definition for thin wall moulding. It is generally believed that the injection moulding process in which the wall thickness of moulded plastic parts is less than 1 mm or the flow length to thickness ratio exceeds 100 can be called thin wall injection moulding. Thin wall injection moulding has the advantages of lighter product quality and material saving, so it is widely used in electronic communications, medical and health fields.

    Guoguang is a professional thin wall injection mould manufacturer in China. We have carried out various thin wall food container mould projects, such as plastic chocolate box mould, 2 compartment plastic plates mould, high speed plastic injection thin wall food box mould, china plastic injection food packaging box mould...

    china plastic injection food packaging box mouldhigh speed plastic injection thin wall food box mould

    In the injection moulding process, thin wall injection moulding tends to produce warpage, deformation, cracks and other problems. Therefore, thin wall injection moulding has higher requirements for the mould design. Compared with ordinary injection moulding product moulds, thin wall injection moulds have the following Features: